Miley DOESN’T want attention!


bbc-005194216 year old Miley Cyrus doesn’t like all the attention! She said that she works so hard to please her fans. “People will always say that I’m overworking, over exposed, and want all this attention. That’s not true.” she explained. “I just want people to realize that I really am grateful for what I do and I do care about the fans. I can’t help if there are 40 photographers outside my house.” Miley, who turns 17 later this November, also admits that she’ll never be able to shake her Hannah Montana alter-ego. “I don’t think that’s something that’s ever going to be completely over,” she said. “The show won’t just come to an end. There will always be reruns, and I think it’s something I’ll always want to keep in my life. It has put me where I am today.”



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