hersheysEarlier, I reported that Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were NOT dating. To prove it I put up demi’s tweets stating that she and Joe were NOT dating. click here to go back to that post and read the tweets.  According to Zack Taylor ,Demi was lying to cover up the fact that they ARE dating. He has proof of text messages from Demi’s mom, private twitter messages between demi and him, and others. Click here for the full story.

IS JEMI REAL? MAYBE, MAYBE NOT. Based off of everything, YOU DECIDE what to believe.

Comment below with your thoughts.


4 Responses to JEMI IS REAL?!

  1. Shelly says:

    who knows what to believe. in the end, it doesn’t matter. i’ve been on oceanup for a year now and i’m sick of the rumors and gossip. who cares if they’re lying or not

  2. jemifanxoxo says:

    its real! zack just posted more proof on his site

  3. Ella says:

    I do believe in Zack too..
    But I really dunno if I should be super happy about his post.. I am a MAJOR JEMI FANATIC and this dating thing is all I had been waiting for for a long time!!
    I just wish, everything will be okay as soon as Joe go back to LA.. Also, I just really wish that whatever they have will never get affected..

  4. disneywood says:

    I personally hope that whatever happens, nobody gets hurt from this and everybody will be happy.

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