TiffanypicYou’ve all seen her on shows like Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven but know her best as Tawni Hart on the Disney hit show Sonny With A Chance. Introducing:  Tiffany Thorton.

She was chosen as this week’s Girl2Watch. Tiffany will be featured in a series or articles, fun facts and social media tweets through this week for subscribers of

ACTOR2WATCH: How did you get your SAG card?
TIFFANY THORNTON: It was for “Eight Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter.” I guest starred on that show and I played a date, a girlfriend of the son. I’m pretty sure it was either that or the episode I did for “That’s So Raven.”

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A2W: What kind of training did you get and who do you study with?
TT: I trained in Texas at Nikki Pederson Peterson Talent Academy. That’s how I got my start in the whole thing. Every Saturday for two hours before I went to that big competition called IMTA, that’s how I got my agent.  And then once I moved to L.A. I trained at the Young Actor’s Space with Diane Hardin. I also trained with Helen Anzalone a while back. It’s been like five years. And Kaley Hummel is my comedic coach and I also go to her for drama sometimes.

But for the most part, when it’s a very dramatic part, I go to my coach Michael Woolson. He actually just wrote a book called “Emotion on Demand.” It’s a fabulous tool. It’s a workbook that you go through and figure out how to get to certain emotions and what stirs up that emotion in you, what triggers you.

It’s an incredible book. It just came out and he’s just been like the greatest thing I could ever have as far as dramatic pushing myself. I still go to acting classes. I train with him. And I go to Kaley for coaching sessions for comedy and all that sort of stuff. So I’m constantly pushing myself to be better.

I don’t think once you book a part you should stop going to class. I think you should constantly remind yourself that you’re working and that you’re working on getting better.

A2W: Is there anything you wish someone had told you when you first started out in acting? Like do you have any tips for people who are just starting out?

TT: I don’t think there’s anything I wish anyone would have told me. I pretty much know, I prayed about this for a long time and this is what God wants me to do. There’s times when it’s tough and times when it’s great.

But I guess for people that are getting into it, my advice to people is be comfortable being told ‘no’ because nine times out of ten you’re going to have a door shut in your face when you want it to be open. And the tenth time it may be open and there could be a concrete wall behind it.

That’s just how the industry is. You’re never going to get from the industry what you give to it. But it’s worth it, you just have to be realistic. My family was supportive. They financially supported me. I

If you want to move out here [to Los Angeles] and you can afford to live out here, that’s fine, but have something lined up. Don’t move here if you don’t have an agent or a manager here already. Don’t move here if you can’t really afford to be here. In other words, if you’re going to be at home, save up all summer and then move here so that you have something to fall back on in case you didn’t get that job.

I know so many people that move here and end up working two or three jobs because they can’t afford to be here because they didn’t save money prior to. And then they don’t have time to audition, so what’s the point of pursuing the career.

Just be smart about it and don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to do something where you may not always be successful, because that’s just how it goes.

Everybody out here was prom queen. Everybody out here was most likely to succeed. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin before you jump into something where people that you’re going against are going to be better than you in some way every time.


One Response to All About TIFFANY THORTON

  1. Lisa Fowler says:

    I love Tiffany Thorton. She’s beautiful.

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